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Education with a future

As an innovative company, DOLL relies on young, qualified new talent. This is why we offer attractive apprenticeships and careers with prospects and a future. 

DOLL offers the perfect framework for a successful career start. With an integrated training concept, the necessary knowledge and skills are conveyed for the job and trainees are prepared for the tasks in the company with targeted orientation.  

In our training team, dedication, lifelong learning, cooperation and fun are at the top of the list in training and in our working life. Our qualified and experienced trainers and training officers convey current specialist knowledge and the necessary skills, and integrate trainees in the working processes in the different specialist departments.  

Tasks across the specialist areas are also worked on and inter-departmental projects are carried out. An essential module is assistance in our DOLL-Trainee-Factory.   Start your professional career with us and apply for an Apprenticeship or a Study placement.


  • Have a quick look before your apprenticeship? 

    This is not a problem at DOLL. In order to support pupils in their career choice, we offer the opportunity of undertaking a pupil internship. This may be within the scope of school job experience (e.g. OIB, BORS, BOGY) or as a voluntarily internship.  

    An exciting week ahead: with extensive information, exploring the workplaces and small tasks, you can find out about the requirements of your chosen training career. Our aim is to introduce you to the respective career, our company and our training.

    Are you interested in experiencing DOLL live? Then apply here.

  • The full DOLL training team with the trainers, apprentices and DH students want to practically inform you about the various opportunities after finishing school within the scope of career education fairs. They report on their own experiences and are available to answer any questions in relation to training, internships and study courses.

  • Will you be finishing school soon? Are you looking for an interesting apprenticeship with future perspectives? We offer you an exciting introduction to your professional career and plenty of opportunities for development.

    Take the first step into a successful future and send us your application. We are looking forward to getting to know you and are excited to see what we can achieve together.

  • A course of studies at the Cooperative State University Karlsruhe together with DOLL offers you interesting perspectives with the synergy of theory and practice and prepares you, with targeted orientation, for a career in the company.

    Take the driving seat and send us your application. We are looking forward to getting to know you and are excited to see what we can get started together.

  • The DOLL training team takes part in a various number of information events and campaigns about career information.
    At the events you can get information about the company and about all the career opportunities with the DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH:

    • 07.11.2020 BIM Renchen
    • 14.11.2020 BIM Opppenau

Our training positions

We look forward to meeting you and are curious to see what we can move forward together.

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