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The new LOGO 14 semi-trailer

Flexibility at its finest.

Our 3-axle extendable LOGO 14 semi-trailer has proven itself to be a highly versatile choice for a number of years now. With a low dead weight, long service life and outstanding stability, every one of the LOGO 14 models is a winner. Features developed for specific needs also make the LOGO 14X and the LOGO 14H ideal for extended periods of use in forests and on roads. But there’s always room for improvement – even among the best of the best..

We recognised the challenges that you were facing in your everyday working lives – and this was what really prompted us to take a closer look at the LOGO 14 semi-trailer and make it even better. As innovators, we’re focused on the needs of not only tomorrow, but also the more distant future – and our approach has to reflect that. The result is a carefully designed product line that’s the complete package, delivering the same high standards of DOLL quality and a payload gain of as much as 300 kg. We’ve also added the LOGO 14XL – a new model with an extended loading surface. What all the models continue to provide is unparalleled flexibility

Short and sweet. The LOGO 14X.

Its compact structure and short overhang make the LOGO 14X a marvel at negotiating narrow, winding forest tracks. What’s more, it has a loading surface that only requires a short crane reach – ideal for external loading from the rear. Combined with its mechanical extension mechanism, the LOGO 14X is a lightweight in the best way possible: without a load, it weighs just 5 150 kg

When convenience matters. The LOGO 14H.

Want to save time on loading? Look no further than the LOGO 14H. The hydraulic extension mechanism in this model allows you to move the semi-trailer with exceptional speed and ease. The optional hydraulic sliding device is yet another convenient feature with its ability to accommodate up to three bolsters as required. And the durable cylinders will make you an even bigger fan of this model and how it makes your work easier.

When every centimetre counts. The LOGO 14XL.

We developed the LOGO 14XL with a focus on creating even more flexibility for different timber lengths. Thanks to a loading surface that is 80 cm longer, you can get on the road without the need for exemption under German road traffic law, even in the event of overhanging timber. The extension also means improved axis load distribution – and as a bonus, you have even more room for additional storage boxes

"We knew the extendable LOGO 14XL was the right choice for us. It’s a practical, nimble vehicle to use in forests, but it still allows us to transport long timber measuring up to 15 metres.”."

Martin Wagner, Managing Director of Wagner Transporte GmbH

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Intelligent logistics. Responding to the needs of today and tomorrow.

With just-in-time delivery, centralised sawmills and long-distance transportation all gaining in profile, logistics are becoming an even bigger part of the way we all work. Our LOGO 14 models make us the right partner to help you overcome the challenges this brings. You have the option of combining your semi-trailer with a 4x2 or 6x4 traction unit – a solution that offers unparalleled flexibility and sets nothing in stone. So whatever each day brings, you can decide which LOGO 14 combination is right for it.

Intelligent improvements.

Beautifully illuminated.

Full LED lighting is now provided as standard along with dynamic indicators and flashing side marker lights. The lamp holders are installed on the sides of the trailer frame, providing improved protection and making them easier to replace.

Retrofit with ease.

Even after your vehicle has been put into service, there is still a range of front wall models for you to choose from. Retrofitting these is inexpensive as there is no need to alter the steel structure.

Robust and durable.

The new rubber mudguards are ideal for day-to-day use in forest environments. Their simple screw fastening allows them to be replaced quickly and easily in the event that servicing is required.

Standing strong.

With its low-wear, anti-slip profile, the aluminium flooring provides maximum security and makes any leaves or bark left behind much easier to sweep up.

Flexible options.

The gripper allows you to move the second bolster with ease, enabling you to position it as appropriate for the length of timber you are transporting. Custom-positioning the bolster helps prevent the gripper from colliding with the stakes during loading and unloading.

Looks great, works great.

The optimised underride protection in the new LOGO 14 semi-trailer is mounted in a lower position, which means that it absorbs much higher forces. Our embossed DOLL logo and the integrated registration plate also enhance this area’s visual appeal.

At the touch of a button.

It is now possible to lock the frame of the semi-trailer wirelessly from the convenient location of the driver’s cab. There’s nothing to install in your truck, and the mechanical operating mechanism on the frame remains as well.

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