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Lawsons wins once again at the Heavies awards with DOLL platform trailers

As in 2017, Lawsons Haulage Limited has cause to celebrate again this year after once again bringing home two awards from The Heavies award ceremony. The evening was a particularly emotional one for the Lawson family. As well as taking victory in the Job of the Year category for the complex transport of modular track panels, the event organiser HeavyTorque honoured company founder Jim Lawson with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

A job for which only specialists will do

The transportation of unusual cargo such as railway tracks and points requires special solutions. This is something that Lawsons is well aware of and is one of the reasons why it has been opting for technology from DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH for many years. As well as the 4-axle tilting trailer, which attracted huge attention during the 2017 awards, the Heavies jury this year praised the innovation and quality of the entire vehicle fleet. A high centre frame and an extremely stable platform ensure that the load does not become warped during transport. And despite the great length of the 3 and 4-axle trailer, our VARIO steering works quickly and precisely. For the drivers this means maximum manoeuvrability, allowing the load to be moved to the place of use with ease.

We would like to congratulate Lawsons on their two awards and are particularly delighted to hear about the lifetime achievement award.