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ratioplus road show 2018

The road show featuring the ratioplus long timber combination has got off to a great start.

To discover the merits of a ratioplus system you have to drive it yourself – this is a view expressed not only by DOLL's specialists but also those customers who have already purchased a ratioplus to add to their fleets.

This has prompted DOLL to give all timber transporters with an interest in the technology the opportunity to test this very special long timber combination. After a detailed briefing, drivers are allowed to put the vehicle to the test on site in a familiar working environment for a week, so that they can draw comparisons between it and the vehicles with conventional steering that they are used to driving.

These test drives have aroused significant interest, so much so that the vehicle has already been out in the field twice this week. If you are interested in testing the long timber combination, please speak to your DOLL sales representative.     

The second person to register an interest collected the DOLL ratioplus long timber combination for a week's testing on 5 November 2018. After a detailed briefing from DOLL's specialists he set off for home brimming with enthusiasm about the prospect of working with the vehicle.