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We are pleased to showcase two innovative vehicle concepts at the 13th INTERFORST in Munich: Experience a world first in terms of technology and...

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Trade fairs in June

In the month of June, the military and timber transport trade fair teams will travel to France.

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DOLL Roadshow timber transport

Experience timber transport vehicles in your area. DOLL is starting a Germany tour with its own roadshow.

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DOLL partner Brdr. Platz A/S in Oppenau

On April’s last weekend, Brdr. Platz A/S from Denmark paid a visit to the DOLL headquarters in Oppenau.

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Deliveries in April #1

Also in April we finished some interesting vehicles and handed them over to our customers. Here you can see a few projects of the last month.

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Training at DOLL America

The team of DOLL America invited their customers to a 2-day training for operators of DOLL Catering Trucks.

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DOLL exhibits at MAWEV show for the first time

Taking place between 14 and 17 March 2018, the MAWEV Show in the Austrian city of St. Pölten marked the first of DOLL's trade fair appearances in...

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Video of DOLL loading bridge

For drivers who are transporting long timber and occasionally have to transport shorter timber, our Multi longtimber vehicle with loading bridge is a...

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Test drive with MAN short timber

We finished our short timber vehicle for this year's MAN Trucknology RoadShow (TRS).

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DOLL starting the trade fair year 2018

Also in the year 2018 DOLL is participating in a lot of interesting trade fairs. Starting with the seminar days "VDBUM" and going bigger at the...

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