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Deliveries in February #1

With the focus on timber transport vehicles we started February with an absolute eye-catcher, a Scania from the new generation.

Scania - New Generation
Beautiful Scania R580 of the new generation with Epsilon S270L98 and selfsteering trailer with air suspension for the company Lahner Forst GmbH. There are tensioning winches mounted on the bolster of the truck and on the bolster of the self-steering trailer.

Our semi-trailers have been designed to combine transport of short and long timbers with a length of 2 - 22 m. Almost all of our LOGO models are available on short notice and in lightweight construction.

MAN + short timber superstructure
Our production site in Mildenau is spezialized in the construction of short timber vehicles. Also this MAN TGX 26.540 6x4 BL with ExTe bolsters & stakes and Loglift crane was produced there. It has a total weight of 14.725 kg.