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DOLL exhibits at MAWEV show for the first time

Taking place between 14 and 17 March 2018, the MAWEV Show in the Austrian city of St. Pölten marked the first of DOLL's trade fair appearances in 2018. In recent years, the event has evolved to become one of the most significant construction fairs for the market in Austria and its neighbouring countries. DOLL intended to use MAWEV 2018 as an opportunity to present the range of vehicles it offers specifically for the construction industry.

Our exhibit was a 2-axle platform semi-trailer with a short overall length – inspiring the name Shorty. Highly agile and versatile, the semi-trailer is ideal for navigating the kind of narrow, winding roads found in Alpine countries. The hydraulic positive steering on both axles is one of the features that give the vehicle its agility.

The P2H-Z18 2-axle semi-trailer has an overall length of 9260 mm and can be extended in 2 stages by 3000 mm. The trailer's load capacity is 30,250 kg but can reach up to 39,750 kg at low speeds. The load weight can be monitored using the weight display provided by the Smartboard, with the weight shown on the display of the truck itself.

The vehicle is equipped with removable platform gates plus an extensive load securing package. Stake pockets, lashing points and a lashing package for excess width provide excellent flexibility while ensuring that goods of all kinds are kept secure. The vehicle's ability to be extended allows it to transport even long and heavy goods – and it can then be reduced to its short, compact size for the journey back. 

The end customer, Fohringer GmbH – a transportation and crane service company based in Hopfengarten, Germany – is allowing the platform trailer to be put on display for the entirety of MAWEV. A part-load crane is installed on the semi-trailer's traction unit, allowing the load to be placed on and removed from the vehicle by just one person – something that is vitally important for transportation taking place in remote areas.

The trade fair exhibit represented DOLL's extensive range of construction industry vehicles. In addition to platform trailers, this range includes semi-trailers and low-loaders that are suitable for transporting individual items of large, heavy construction machinery – but are also flexible enough to convey multiple small machines, containers or long beams and components.

DOLL's options ensure flexibility and its CAN bus technology make it easy to operate its equipment. DOLL steering mechanisms – particularly those found in its panther chassis technology – keep vehicles agile, even in the tightest of spaces, and the company's outstanding production quality ensures that equipment has a long service life.