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DOLL panther - A class of its own

Two years after the release of the DOLL panther the whole product range from one to ten axles is available. Especially the big trailers with more than 5 axles are the current best sellers.

The reasons therefor are obvious:

  • Real loading height of 850 mm. For this reason the panther trailers are an alternative for heavy low loader combinations.
  • Steering angle on the last axle of 55 degrees.
  • The DOLL panther running gear is approved by the German authorities as a „divided axle“. Therefore, transport companies can apply for 12 tons axle load for a single permit. Two separate test reports confirmed the road protection of the panther suspension.
  • Low curb weights because of an „Oversize“ main frame design.
  • Hydraulic suspension with a high compensation. Maximum ground clearance underneath the trailer.
  • DOLL lashing package as standard equipment to garanty the best cargo securing.
  • Three layers of painting with anti-chipping treatment of critical areas. All the fittings and hydraulic pipes are protected through a non-corrosive treatment. 

All these technical advantages allow a very flexilbe usability of the DOLL panther trailers in a lot of different sectors. The panther can solve a great variety of different transportation tasks successfully. This wide range of applications garanties a high economic efficiency of the panther series and underlines fact of the panther being a revolutionary innovation for the transport industry.

In the meantime, one of our competitors from the Netherlands has realized that the panther technology offers a great potential and has therefore taken over some of our design elements. Nevertheless, there are huge differences in comparison to the panther technology, which cannot be seen immediately. But we are sure that the panther axle is superior with regard to wear and tear of tyres, security and durability.

 We believe that more trailer manufacturers will follow the trend, but we know that the DOLL panther will always be the ORIGINAL.