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DOLL panther lifts Omnibus

Swiss transport company Huerlimann stands for reliable heavy transports and crane works. It therefore goes without saying that they count on high quality DOLL transport solutions.

Several DOLL trailers in semi version have already been part of their vehicle fleet until the first low-loader of the proven panther series with 12 t axle load and hydraulic steering was bought in summer this year. The trailer is extendible and suitable for payloads of up to 35,000 kg.

The manufacturing of the 2-axle low-loader was an attractive task to face for the engineers of DOLL as it is destined for transportation of simple busses with a length of 18 m and a payload of 21,000 kg but also for articulated busses. Their middle axle and long overhangs made the construction of the frame particularly tricky.  

However, this challenge was quickly solved: by means of high quality fine grained steel and FEM-based pre-tensioning DOLL was able to design two additional flatbeds of 2.500 resp. 9.000 mm length with weight optimisation which can be mounted onto the trailer for this very special transport application. If required, it can also be demounted within a very short period of time so that other cargo can be transported in law-compliant measures.

The detachable gooseneck and the excavation bevel contribute to a very smooth and easy loading procedure. Furthermore, the trailer of type T2E-S3F is equipped with the proven control and operating concept DOLLtronic which is another plus in terms of comfort, safety and user friendliness.

The “small one” has already been in use and has met the high demands as expected.