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DOLL puts together investment package totalling more than 4 million euros

DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH is continuing to invest in growth at its two German locations in Oppenau and Mildenau. The company’s timber transport and heavy haulage product areas will both benefit equally from modernisation activities and the construction of new buildings. “The total value of the investment amounts to around four million euros,” explains CEO Markus Ehl. “With this investment, we are reinforcing the growth trajectory we embarked upon at the start of 2020 and which is based on a clear strategy to systematically align the individual product areas, pursue a targeted model policy and optimise and modernise all work processes and production steps.”

New centre for surface coating

The complete investment package is made up of individual elements such as a new CNC milling machine and a completely new surface treatment plant. The modern facility will replace the current plant and provide semi-trailers, trailers and superstructures with the high-quality coatings customers have come to expect, while also ensuring that the process is cost-effective – even as volumes grow. In addition to the zinc-rich primer with enamel finish, the in-house zinc spraying and powder coating facility offers DOLL customers ultimate corrosion protection for their vehicles. Currently under construction, the centre for surface coating will be a state-of-the-art facility using the latest filter technologies and covering a much larger area. Energy-efficient operation is a particular area of focus for the new facility. Thanks to a bypass system, the warm airflows generated are transported in a circuit and used multiple times. This technique enables up to 60 % of the heat to be recovered. In addition, a reduction in current energy demand is ensured thanks to the use of new heating technology for the cabs. Expressed as a percentage, this represents an annual CO2 saving of 30 %. The new plant is scheduled to come into service during the second quarter of 2021.

Further expansion of the Mildenau location

DOLL is also forging ahead with its expansion of its centre of excellence for timber in Mildenau: a completely new hall and adjoining lounge is being built for final inspection and customer delivery activities at this factory in Germany’s Saxony region. The state-of-the-art new building offers facilities including a weighbridge, enabling customers to verify the dead weight of their brand-new purchase on site. “We are planning to make further huge strides in future and to continue to grow our market share,” states CSO Renato Ramella, setting out the company’s objective. “The professionally configured delivery area which we will be opening in summer 2021 is the logical consequence of this.”

Trailblazers across the board
The latest investments go hand in hand with the improvements and additions made to the vehicle portfolio during 2020. In timber transport, for example, the main focus was on the semi-trailers of the LOGO 14 series, while in the heavy haulage area, the spotlight was on the brand-new low loader X generation with the DOLL connect trailer management system. However, the company’s role as a trailblazer certainly doesn’t end there! In October 2020, DOLL presented its new vehicles via an interactive live stream on its own Facebook and YouTube channels. The benefit of this innovative format is that the content remains available for interested parties to view even once the event has finished. “We are delighted with the numbers of views and have received nothing but positive feedback,” states Renato Ramella. As a result, further events are set to follow in 2021: “We are already planning the online presentation for our new short timber trailers which will take place in spring.”