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Our panther low loader

Our 2-axle low loader with panther running gear is built to last and our customers favourite. Therefore we will show you some recently finished trailers.


1. Here we go with the company "MTG Schwertransport GmbH", which is transporting "big and small chunks". The low loader is being used for all kind of heavy haulage and special transports.


2. Let's continue with the next T2E. The company "Fischer Spezialtransporte" completes their trio consisting of Scania truck and DOLL 2-axle lowloader. The cargo for the first transport was even brought along. The mobile chicken houses are regularly deliverd by the company to their new owners.


3. Also for the company "Rombach Transports" it's not the first DOLL 2-axle lowloader with panther running gear. The low loader is used for cargos such as cranes, construction machinery or transports in the timber industry. We would like to say thank you for the trust and wish you a lot of successful transports


4. The last 2-axle low loader comes as a twin. The company "Többe Spedition" used their new T2E with panther running gear to transport the second trailer to the north. We wish you a good ride with both of them.