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Universal semi low loader for Brabänder

German haulage firm Brabänder Robert Transportunternehmen went on the hunt for a universal semi low loader that would be able to accommodate its wide range of transport goods – including construction machinery, concrete supports and other long components.

DOLL rose to the challenge, providing the company with an S3H-S18 3-axle semi low loader that was perfect for the job. With its extensive load securing package, additional lashing points for excessively wide loads, plus lashing points next to the main frame, this vehicle is the ideal choice for transporting construction machinery in a range of different weight classes.

The addition of multiple pocket rails in the low-bed makes it possible to load and fasten even partial loads tightly. The wheel loader slopes on the separation point and the manual-locking intermediate table are also highly useful features thanks to the ability to extend in small increments, revealing openings that the front tyres of the wheel loader are able to simply fall into. This reduces the overall height of the vehicle with the wheel loader. A sturdy double ramp that has already proven itself in practice is used for loading the semi low loader and is even able to slide hydraulically in a lateral direction. The ramps are secured by ramp cylinders with an integrated mechanical locking mechanism, doing away with the need to use chains for extra security. The ramps are also easy to remove for the purposes of loading large loads with an overhang.

Among the goods that Brabänder transports are extremely long components that are placed on the gooseneck at the front, with support frames used to compensate for the difference in height between the gooseneck and the low-bed. The vehicle provides a special support frame with two supports and pocket rails between them to ensure a tight fit, making it possible to accommodate heavy loads and secure them effectively. We have no doubt that this semi low loader has what it takes to conquer whatever tasks Brabänder sets for it in the future.