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Vehicle deliveries in May #2

Also in the second part of May we had some interesting vehicles which were picked up by our customers.


Self-steering trailer combination

Recently, the company "Universal-Transport" was with us in Oppenau to pick up their new combination. Both, the 4-axle self-steering trailer and the 2-axle dolly are equipped with a special bolster for a weigth of up to 60 tons. We wish you a lot of fun while transporting concrete elements and other long loads.


Semi-trailer with wheel recesses

This semi-trailer with panther running gear was picked up by the company "A. Bichler Spezialtransport GmbH". Thanks to the wheel recesses with aluminium cover plates as well as ISO container locks the trailer is used for the transport of construction machinery and containers.


Volvo short timber truck

Few days ago, the company "HMH Holztransporte" picked up their new short timber truck in bolsters version. Both, the Volvo FH540 (14500 kg) and the 3-axle trailer with cranked frame (4980 kg) are equipped with ExTe bolsters & stakes type E9. Soon there will be a long timber truck following. Stay tuned.


Volvo truck with Cranab loading crane

This Volvo with Cranab loading crane could have been viewed and tested at our gathering DOLL-Holzstammtisch - Mildenau. The vehicle is also available for purchase. You can find more information here.