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„We lift you to success“ – DOLL at inter airport Europe in Munich

Growth and worldwide market presence as new strategic orientation – Significant increase of orders in the GSE division – DOLL exceeds the required safety measures according to EC standard 12312-2:2014


DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a trailer construction company with traditional background. As one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty commercial vehicles for Timber Transport and Heavy Haulage as well as of Ground Support Equipment the company has earned a worldwide reputation since it was founded in 1878. The product range also includes special vehicles being used by military services and aid organisations.

Headquartered in Oppenau (Black Forest, Germany) the company designs and manufactures trailers of every product division. Part of the product range is produced at the plant in Mildenau (Saxony, Germany). The production site is the ideal complement to the headquarters in Oppenau and ensures the proximity to customers located in North-Eastern parts of Germany as well as in Eastern parts of Europe. All in all, the company group employs approx. 360 people and generates an annual turnover of 60 million Euros.

DOLL’s market presence is complemented by a widely spread network of service and sales partners as well as by a joint venture in Thailand. Approx. 60 % of the turnover is generated abroad, of which 50 % within Europe and the other half in overseas countries such as Asia, North Africa and USA.

In September 2014, DOLL was taken over by private equity Capital Management-Partners (CMP) followed by a reshuffle of the Managing Board who laid the foundations for a global reorientation and growth strategy. In concrete terms, this means the expansion of the sales network, the linking of After-Sales Service and Sales department as well as the maintaining of the innovation and technology leadership in all three product divisions. Measures that already have been implemented brought a considerable increase of incoming orders in all departments. 

Product Division Ground Support Equipment

Especially the product division Ground Support Equipment has benefited from a tremendous boost in 2015. For more than 20 years, DOLL has been one of the leading manufacturers of airport vehicles and is therefore familiar with the requirements for modern high loaders throughout the world. The broad product range covers catering and cleaning trucks as well as medical and maintenance lifts being manufactured according to highest quality and safety standards “Made in Germany”.

The adaption to the needs of different markets is an important prerequisite for DOLL’s international presence which is continuously expanded. One of the focus markets besides Europe, Asia and Africa is the United States where the company has been able to achieve some notable successes with catering high loaders for wide body aircrafts (X-Cat M) and A380 (X-Cat L.)

To ensure a long-term position as universal supplier on the market it is also important to face the growing demands regarding safety standards which can lead to significant changes in the technical optimisation of products. The objective of the latest standard EC 12312-2:2014 is to increase the safety of catering trucks especially for the operating personnel and to avoid the body’s unintentional lowering. These changes are not visible from outside; however they can be considered as remarkable technical innovations for high loaders. They are based on a PCL control with a third circuit avoiding damages and downtime periods.

Another key aspect was the protection of the operating personnel. Therefore, DOLL’s safety concept consists of a newly developed transfer platform protecting both airport staff and outer skins of aircrafts. The new movable rail can only be opened whilst keeping the required minimum distance to the aircraft which is ensured by the utilisation of the most modern ultrasound sensors. In this way, the operating personnel are protected against falling. In this way, the company exceeds the required measures which definitely justifies their position as technology and market leader.

True to the motto „We lift you to success“ DOLL will present their competencies at this year’s inter airport europe taking place in Munich from 6th to 9th October 2015. We kindly invite you to get yourself an idea of the high quality of our products at booth n° C44 (outdoor area).