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Every year, the areas responsible for service and crane work at the company Richi – based in Weiningen, Switzerland – participate in a business excursion. In the past they have visited crane manufacturers including Demag and Liebherr, and this year it was the turn of DOLL to welcome them.

Richi is a loyal customer of DOLL. Its vehicles are used in special transport applications, with care and maintenance performed by the company's own in-house service staff. Reflecting this, not only were the visitors interested in how DOLL vehicles are manufactured, but they were also especially keen to find out more about the maintenance and operation of DOLL low-loaders.

At the start of their visit, the guests were greeted with some light refreshments and a presentation about the company. Markus Kimmig, who heads up the department responsible for vehicle delivery, then led them on a tour through the manufacturing process. The guests were rapt with attention as they discovered how individual parts are produced from sheet metal during component manufacturing, and – at the end of the process chain – how the final assembly stage results in a complex vehicle leaving the production line. What piqued their interest more than anything else, however, were Markus Kimmig's practical tips on cleaning and maintaining vehicles, as well as finding ways to simplify driving in certain situations.

Richi conducts interesting work primarily in the areas of gravel and sand extraction as well as excavation and demolition. However, its business also involves using recycling methods to convert scrap back into gravel, sand and valuable construction materials. Beyond this, its range of services includes crane work and special transport applications. A specialist in this area, it provides conveying solutions for all kinds of long, wide and/or tall items. The semi low-loaders and low-bed trailers in DOLL's fleet are ideally suited to these jobs.

Following a delicious lunch in Rebstock, a local restaurant, it was time for the guests from Richi to make their way back home. It was clear to see how delighted they had been to view DOLL's in-house production processes for low-loaders and trailers; and most of all, how much they appreciated the many hints and tips they had gained for operating and maintaining vehicles – even ones that have been undertaking difficult jobs for some years.