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The vehicles in the X-PRM Medical Lift product range are used to carry passengers with reduced mobility. Such passengers are received at ground level; once the Medical Lift is fully raised, they can then be comfortably transferred into the aircraft.

In addition to the A380 megaliner, the DOLL Medical Lift also serves docking positions on smaller aircraft with boarding steps.


  • Platform design for external aircraft stairs
  • Rear lift with fall protection system
  • Extensive medical interior equipment
  • Standard chassis highly flexible thanks to small turn radius
  • Approval up to 80 km/h for airports and public roads

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Product range

    • Full size cab
    • Sill height: 2,900 mm - 8,300 mm
     - X-PRM L
     - X-PRM L
    • Sill height: 1,150 mm - 5,900 mm
     - X-PRM MH
     - X-PRM MH
     - X-PRM MH rear ramp
     - X-PRM MH interior view
    • Half-size cab
    • Sill height: 1,150 mm - 4,300 mm
     - X-PRM S Half Size
     - X-PRM S Half Size
     - X-PRM SH interior view