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DOLL heavy haulage vehicles are classified into five product groups: 

Besides the proven VARIO heavy haulage series DOLL offers the DOLL panther series with its innovative steering technology and an independent suspension system.

  • Plattform-Sattelauflieger
  • Semi-Sattelauflieger
  • Semi-Sattelauflieger
  • Tiefbett-Sattelauflieger
  • Selbstlenk-Anhänger

DOLL Series

The platform series is especially suitable for transporting long, heavy and bulky goods. Thanks to its trouble- free, telescopic length extensions, the vehicle can easily be adapted to the length of the cargo and can be universally used in the vehicle fleet.
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This series is very versatile and flexible thanks to extensive variations and options. Due to its lower loading height, a vehicle can be configured for almost that is high, heavy or wide. An ideal range for construction companies and their transport logistics.
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The higher and heavier the load, the greater the demands are which are placed on the transport vehicle. DOLL has the right solutions with its low bed series. A lower loading height, a large stroke and unusual agility even withhigh payloads can be achieved, especially when combined with the DOLL panther chassis.
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The self-steering trailer is an unbeatably economical vehicle for transporting long, sizable and self-supporting cargo - and therefore an indispensable complement for transporting of unusually products, such as wind blades and concrete elements.
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