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The new low loader X

Better intelligence. Better ergonomics. Better safety.

With its intelligent, powerful trailer management system, the DOLL low loader X is ushering in a new digital era. The tried-and-tested, payload-optimised steel structure with our leading DOLL panther axle technology and ultra-rugged DOLL vario axles are setting unprecedented standards in heavy haulage

DOLL Level X – series of a new, digital generation.

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  • DOLL Tiefbett X panther Achstechnologie
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  • DOLL Tiefbett X Keypads DOLL tronic
  • DOLL Tiefbett X Funkfernsteuerung DOLL connect
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New. Unique. The digital trailer management system.

Logo DOLL tronic

Your intelligent operating assistant.

Intuitive and transparent. The rugged keypad on the rear and the gooseneck of your vehicle houses DOLL tronic – an intelligent operating and control system based on CAN bus. Featuring sophisticated sensor technology, it provides an easy-to-use, safe way of controlling the gooseneck, steering and driving level. Colour LEDs make the vehicle status of your DOLL low loader clear.

Logo DOLL connect

It's in your hands.

Imagine operating trailer functions at the touch of a button, with no need to get out of the truck. Or tracking position information and error messages on a display at all times. It’s ground-breaking, it’s unique – and it’s exactly what th e new DOLL low loader X delivers, all thanks to the DOLL connect trailer management system and intelligent radio remote control. This technology combines operation and monitoring abilities for all your low loader functions.


On the right track.

Need to adjust the track of your vehicle in line with the steering? Previously, this would have required a laborious process of adjustment by eye or on a straight section of road. But with the new DOLL low loader X, we’ve entered a whole new era. Whether you’re working on curving streets or motorway slip roads, the EEP track adjustment system is able to determine the correct steering angle for the axles. All you have to do is press one button on your radio remote control – and the vehicle automatically does the rest.

All features are now

available for you!

Added safety and ergonomics.

  • Unterlegplattenhalterung

    Everything in its place.

    A permanent new storage area on the gooseneck provides space for base plates, keeping everything readily accessible in the same place at all times. That means no more loose base plates in your toolbox.

    Kupplung Schwanenhals

    Disconnect with ease.

    Thanks to our optimised multi-connector, we’ve made it even simpler to dock and undock the gooseneck. The lines are thinner with more clearance, ensuring they can be pulled out easily. The pressure is released using the connector itself – so there’s no need for an additional lever.

    Schwanenhals Rampenablage

    Storage at the perfect height.

    The storage area for the drive-on ramps has been designed entirely with ergonomic working in mind. Its new position allows you to remove the ramps upright and at chest height. That’s great news for your back.

  • LED Schwanenhals

    Just one look.

    Now, what you see when you glance at your rearview mirror is one LED light whose colour changes according to the situation. By reducing how warning signals are communicated to just one light, we have made this feature more focused than ever before. So what you see – green, yellow or red – tells you instantly what position your steering system is in.


    Protection at its best.

    When it comes to longevity, we go the extra mile – with highly abrasion-resistant, coated hoses and cast plug connections. As always, our electrical and hydraulic components are in a protected position at the rear of the vehicle, where they can fend off corrosion and weathering.

    Tritt Schwanenhals

    A secure footing.

    Say goodbye to folding steps and hello to a sturdy ladder – the new way to access the gooseneck. The anti-slip rungs deliver added safety. As a bonus, this makes access now significantly easier – so you can get to the gooseneck more quickly.

    Heckanischt LED-Beleuchtung

    Beautifully illuminated.

    Full LED lighting is now provided as standard along with dynamic indicators and flashing side marker lights. We’ve focused on ensuring maximum longevity and safety on the roads – and the lighting happens to look great too.


    The ultimate in safety.

    In the new low loader X, we’ve retained our marketleading load-securing concept. Its numerous lashing points and stake pockets are designed to protect your load against slippage and vibrations. And it’s simple and safe for you and your drivers to handle.

All new features in the DOLL low loader X brochure:

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Low Loader

DOLL low loaders are used when high, heavy or bulky goods, machines and systems need to be transported. Trailer load height and steering manoeuvrability are key when using such heavy haulage vehicles. The DOLL panther design clearly proves its advantages thanks to its 12-t axle with independent wheel suspension. 

The VARIO series features a time-tested design which allows customised vehicle configurations thanks to comprehensive options.



PAYLOAD: up to 50 t

TELESCOPIC: double extension

STEERING: rigid, hydraulic power steered

AXLE SYSTEM: conventional or DOLL panther



  • Flexible in use for tall, heavy items with point loads
  • High variability in the layout of the load bed
  • Flexibility with 1-axle dolly (steered, lifting)
  • Payload-optimised design
  • Big steering angle
  • Low loading height, large lift
  • High manoeuvrability with hydraulic knuckle steering


    • Heavy construction machinery and building elements
    • Heavy agricultural and forestry machinery
    • Mining
    • Wind turbine elements
    • Heavy industrial and plant components
    • Conveyor and crusher installations
    • Containers
    • Boat haulage




        • Height 210/490 mm
        • Fifth-wheel load up to 35 t
        • Fixed gooseneck in central box or Segmenti design
        • Hinged or compensating and detachable gooseneck

        Load Platform


            • Low bed with central box frame
            • Lowered running surfaces
            • Flat bed
            • Tracked excavator bed
            • Dolly variants: 1-axle dolly steered or friction steered, permanently installed, hinged to the gooseneck, can be fitted to increase the number of axles, )

              Running Gear


                  • 1 –5 axles, hydraulic power steered
                  • DOLL panther or conventional VARIO running gear