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Wind Blade Transportation

The DOLL system for transporting wind blades gives you and your drivers unbeatable advantages compared with conventional transport solutions:

  • Universally suitable for all types of blades
  • Versatile in use with excellent manoeuvrability 
  • Safe driving with high centres of gravity 
  • Economical to run and maintain

Flyer: DOLL Wind Blade Transportation

How does the system work?

Application overview


  • Compatible with all 4-axle and 5-axle trucks

DOLL lifting adapters

    • Mechanical adapter with stabiliser or hydraulic adapter with 1500 mm hub
    • Adjustment of turning radius
    • Dimensioned for 32-ton fifth-wheel load

    Wind Blades

      • Suitable for any wind blade manufacturer
      • Wind blade lengths up to 120 m are possible
      • Huge ground clearance

      TIP frame

          • Interface for manufacturer's own TIP frames
          • Sliding TIP frame:
            slide backwards: reduce wheelbase
            slide forwards: reduce overhang

          DOLL Seesaw bearing

            • Safe driving with high centres of gravity
            • DOLL alternation system with fifth-wheel coupling
            • Slewing range to the side: +/- 90°,
              Slewing range front/rear: +/- 20°
            • D-value 260 kN
            • Lifting adapter bearing always rocks in the direction of the load
            • TÜV approval

            Root frame attachment

              • Removable adapter for manufacturer's own root frames
              • Adapter laterally shiftable to compensate eccentric gravity points

              DOLL cable connection

                  • Steel cables prestressed with grip hoist
                  • Intermediate stabilisation with bolts
                  • Attachment via spring hook
                  • Smart-Charge cable to back up the battery charge in the trailer
                  • Side marker lights

                  DOLL self-steering trailer

                      • 4-axle or 5-axle self-steering trailers are possible
                      • Slewing range of the bolster +/- 85°
                      • Bolster bearing always rocks in the direction of the load
                      • Lateral tilting to the sides is impossible
                      • Precision hydraulic steering with radio remote control
                      • Driving offset to the side possible – crab steering
                      • 2 possible loading heights (17.5" or 19.5" tyres)

                      In Use

                      Bei Rostock-Trans

                      Bei Transannaberg

                      Your advantages


                      • Blade weights up to 35 t and length up to 120 m
                      • Suitable for all types of blades
                      • Also suitable for other long and heavy objects


                      • Safe and very resilient DOLL changeover system
                      • Safe driving with high centres of gravity
                      • Steering approval up to over 120 m overall length


                      • Extraordinary ground clearance
                      • Lifting adapter with generous hub
                      • Excellent manoeuvrability


                      • Low dead weight and high load capacity reserves
                      • Reduced transport and personnel costs

                      Field of Application


                      Markus Erdrich
                      Head of Sales
                      Heavy Haulage

                      Tel.: +49 7804 49-525