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Public Authority Business

Public Authority Business

We completed our first major armed forces project back in the fifties. Many more national and international orders followed, allowing us to acquire profound knowledge of military requirements in vehicles and the special characteristics involved in handling such complex projects. Key steps in the process include quality assurance and vehicle documentation in line with military regulations. It was therefore only logical for us to be the first and only company in vehicle construction to have ourselves certified to AQAP 2120.

The two areas of specialisation for military vehicles are superstructures of all types and tank transporters, where DOLL provides extensive expertise. This is where DOLL's superstructure know-how proves its worth, an area where very few other medium-sized vehicle manufacturers can demonstrate such knowledge.

Product ranges

This series is highly diverse and versatile thanks to its many variants and options. Wheeled and tracked vehicles in a wide variety of weight classes can be operated using DOLL chassis both on the public road network and offroad on extremely rough terrain and in different climatic conditions. [Learn more]

The large number of variants and options mean that DOLL superstructures can be used in a wide variety of transport tasks for international armed forces. Their optimum quality and reliability meet the requirements of international truck manufacturers and comply with superstructure guidelines. [Learn more]

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