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Semi low-loader

DOLL is one of the leading European manufacturers of heavy haulage vehicles with a high capacity for innovation, specialising in transporting heavy goods, machines and plants.

DOLL's expertise in vehicles for transporting wheeled and tracked vehicles has been acquired by carrying extremely heavy loads over millions of kilometres and extensive experience in the specific challenges that military transport presents. Robust, reliable, durable vehicles stand as proof of DOLL's high quality standard.

DOLL’s service range is made complete by its experience in handling military products, its active quality assurance, certified to ISO 9001 and AQUAP 2021, and an after-sales service that guarantees rapid spare parts supply, even after many years of initial purchase.


  • Eminently suitable for heavy and wide goods
  • 2-8 axles with different axle and steering systems
  • Different low platform versions
  • Comprehensive ramp range
  • Military loading points (for loading on aircraft and rail)
  • Military load securing concepts
  • Stowage concepts

    Equipment variations

      • Fixed or compensating gooseneck
      • Energy supply: diesel engine, electro-hydraulic pump unit, engine hydraulics, manual/hand pump
      • Cable winch: single or double winch system; cable window guide
      • Spare tyre bracket in different designs (electrical or mechanical)
        • Mechanical or hydraulic outriggers at the front and on the rear
          • Storage boxes
          • Toolboxes
          • Camouflage netting storage boxes
            • Variable lengths to client requirements
            • Side load platform extensions
            • Telescopic extension
              • Lashing and lifting points (for loading on aircraft, ships and rail)
              • Lashing systems (such as tension belts, lashing rings and chains)
              • Load securing wedges and chain guide systems
              • Container locks
                • Cable winches and cable guides fitted
                • Generator
                • Compressor (air)
                • Winter package (adaptation to operating conditions)
                • Fording capability
                • ADR equipment (hazardous good equipment)
                • Rear camera
                • Remote control from driver’s cabin (for hydraulic functions)
                • Camouflage paintwork
                • Blackout lighting
                • Different tyre sizes as per client specifications
                • Single or double ramp
                • Hydraulic ramp operation or with spring-loaded support
                • Mechanical or hydraulic position adjustment
                • 2-8 axles
                • Different axle, suspension and steering systems
                • Tyre inflation systems
                • Tyre pressure monitoring system

              Overview of types


              Fixed gooseneck

              • For low beds with 2-6 axles
              • Military design
              • Heavy load or off-road version

              Compensating gooseneck

              • For low beds with 6-8 axlesn
              • Optimises cross-country mobility
              • Military design
              • Heavy load or off-road version

              LOW BED

              • Variable platform length adjusted to transport task
              • Telescopic extension
              • Side extension to loading platform
              • Extensive options for load securing and attachment parts
              • Rigid, passive or hydraulic steering system
              • Axle systems:
                - Vario with twist-beam rear suspension
                - DOLL panther
                - independent wheel suspension or swing axles
              • Suspension system: Leaf, air or hydraulic suspension
              • Optimum manoeuvrability with hydraulic steering
              • Optimum cross-country mobility with hydraulic suspension
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