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Combination tractors

The DOLL Multi allows users to transport long timber up to 21 m and short timber between 3 and 6 m. The advantage of hitching the self-steering trailer can be used during empty runs, which makes it very flexible in its use.

  • Long and short timbers can be transported thanks to intermediate sections
  • Intermediate section has two telescopic lengths with use depending on timber length
  • Timber lengths: short timber: 3-6 m; long timber: up to 21 m
  • Vehicle can be converted at any time. All parts are integrated into the vehicle.
  • Short conversion times: all required functions can be controlled on the crane operation panel.
  • The self-steering trailer is hitched for empty runs



The self-steering trailer can be transformed into a semi-trailer with the Multi A700 by pulling out a draw tube.


The DOLL Multi A800 is a combination tractor based on a long timber vehicle with a low tare weight and, consequently, a high payload. The inner part of the telescopic load bridge not required for long timber transport can be removed using the loading crane gripper.


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