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Self-steering trailer

  • Log timber length: up to 22 m
  • Axles: 2 or 3 axles; 9 t - 12 t
  • Drum/disc brakes
  • Leaf spring/air suspension
  • Optimum corrosion protection thanks to powder coating
  • Steering: high manoeuvrability thanks to DOLL's own hydraulic steering systems

Equipment variations

    • Standard or payload-optimised lightweight design
    •  Sturdy welded structure made of high-grade fine-grain steel
    • Bolted end beam
    • Surface protection thanks to powder coating
    • Use-specific bolster and stanchion concepts
    • Different lighting variants
    • Axles: 9- or 12-t axles
    • Leaf spring/air suspension
    • Steering: DOLL Kompakt, ratio or ratioplus
    • Tyres: dual tyres in different tyre sizes
  • Bolt-fastened options

    • Tool boxes
    • Smart board
    • Tension winch
    • Weighing system
    • Cameras
    • Hydraulic/pneumatic bolster lock
    • Snow chain holder


2-axle self-steering trailer

3-axle self-steering trailer

Steering systems

The load has a crucial, stabilising function on long timber combinations: it transmits the towing vehicle's steering angle to the self-steering trailer's bolsters.


Kompakt steering is a 2-cylinder steering system. The steering forces are initiated from the towing vehicle and transmitted to the self-steering trailer bolsters via the load. The bolster steering angle is transmitted directly to the front axle via the hydraulic cylinders (rigid connection).
This steering system offers the advantages of low tare weight, a low-wear design and very direct steering force.


Ratio steering consists of a 4-cylinder steering system with two steering circuits acting independently from one another.
This steering system brings the advantages of manoeuvrability, a sturdy design, directional stability and exceptional driving stability. This steering system is also suitable for extremely difficult terrain.