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  • Truck and crane superstructure for all standard truck and crane types
  • Crane mount behind the driver's cab
  • Fifth-wheel device for self-steering trailers
  • Networked control via CAN bus with operating unit in the driver's cab
  • Bolster and stanchion range for a variety of different uses – mechanically or hydraulically telescopic or extendible plus other features
  • Extensive options

Equipment variations

    • Customised standard trucks
    • Compliance with all superstructure guidelines
    • Testing of the required vehicle configuratio
    • DOLL's own load securing components:
      - Hydraulic clamping device
      - Mechanical tension winch
    • Hydraulic cable winch
    • Other components on client's request
    • Electronic CAN bus control
    • All vehicle functions are user-friendly in their operation
    • Specially adapted hydraulic control block
    • Use of high-strength fine-grain steel
    • CAD-calculated structure
    • Suitable for 2-axle and 3-axle self-steering trailers
    • Mount for all standard cranes
    • Service-friendly design for all vehicle components
    • Tool boxes in different designs
    • Different step access options
    •  Client-specific design for stowage