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LOGO series semi-trailers have been designed to combine transport of short and long timbers. They are used by hauliers who need to transport both long and short timber off-road in forest areas and over long distances. The option to load both kinds of log timber ensures that vehicles are not dependent on load type at any time and are versatile and cost-effective in their use.


  • Loading for timber lengths of 2-22 m possible across the entire series
  • The vehicle type designation indicates the maximum possible timber length:
    a LOGO 12 is suitable for timber up to 12 m long, for example   
  • The vehicle configuration is based on the length of the timber to be transported
  • The vehicle length is adapted to the specific transport job in telescopic vehicles
  • The lightweight versions guarantee a maximum payload without diminishing their sturdiness or off-road capability
  • This model range is not only synonymous with versatility, but also with safety and stability

Overview of types

The DOLL concept for fifth-wheel coupling superstructures consists of established component assemblies which can be flexibly adjusted to client requirements. [Learn more]

Non-steered semi-trailers (LOGO 12 - 15) can be towed by standard tractor vehicles and are particularly suitable for long-distance transport. [Learn more]

Steered semi-trailers (LOGO 16 - 22) are designed for off-road use. [Learn more]


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