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Short timber vehicles

Short timber vehicles

Transporting short timber has steadily increased in importance due to changes in timber processing. The challenge lies in offering competitive vehicles which must be robust and stable for use in forest areas, yet can also hold a maximum payload to ensure that vehicles are cost-effective. DOLL offers the right vehicle configurations for both off-road use and synchronised timber harvesting for logistics companies.


  • Thanks to the modular design principle in DOLL short timber vehicles, different requirements can be met regarding logistical use, different timber lengths and country-specific legislation.
  • Bolt-fastened solutions combined with a wide variety of options and versions allow specific vehicle configurations.
  • Extremely low tare weight and compliance with truck manufacturers' superstructure guidelines
  • Use of high-grade fine-grain steel and time-tested attachment parts
  • Technical design and calculation by DOLL Engineering with the help of CAD

Overview of types

Bolt-fastened sub-frame system to provide versatility and weight optimisation, high torsional rigidity, compatible for all standard crane and truck types (2-3 axles). [Learn more]

The towing bar version impresses with its discreet, lightweight structural design. [Learn more]

The tandem version pleases with its convenient driving performance, which is particularly impressive when reversing. [Learn more]


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