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Trucks with licence to lift

Strict environmental specifications and airport requirements to comply with green targets are some of the current challenges in the airport sector. Increased efficiency and improved environmental compatibility are priority objectives for airport operators as they look to the airport of the future. The DOLL ecat series makes a significant contribution to meeting this challenge. As an energy-efficient high-loader, ecat vehicles are not powered by a conventional truck combustion engine, but by an environmentally friendly electric motor instead, thus saving fuel costs and optimising the carbon balance.

Delivering the airport of the future

  •  Zero pollutant emissions (CO2)
  • Reduction in energy consumption and noise pollution
  • Increase in vehicle economy thanks to lower operating costs per kilometre travelled due to greater efficiency in the energy source, maintenance-free electric motors and warning and safety systems which minimise breakdown and insurance costs
  • Greater safety standards thanks to a gentle, smooth approach when positioning the vehicle next to the aircraft with simultaneous parking distance control
  • Simple infrastructure requirements: no driving to filling stations – batteries are re-charged at the same time as refrigeration unit
  • More operator-friendly, improved drive comfort and intelligent driving assistance

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    Special features

    • Box bodies: the interior and the front and rear portal can be specifically configured with many variants and an extensive variety of options to meet our clients' requirements.
    • Control technology: our innovative electronic controls are setting new standards on the market due to their precision, reliability and ease of operation and maintenance.
    • Lifting system: DOLL Engineering's many years' experience and the use of high-grade components ensures a sturdy lightweight design with integrated, redundant safety functions.
    • Platform: we use a sensitive sensor measurement system which complies with all current standards and regulations to guarantee safety for operators and protect the aircraft shell.


    ecat was developed based on close cooperation with DOLL partner Gate Gourmet, a gategroup subsidiary, and German E-Cars.

    Development partner and first owner of an ecat

    Developer and supplier of the control and management system


    • Power supplied by Li-ion batteries
    • Single-wheel drive on the rear axle
    • Air compressor which supplies the whole vehicle system technology with compressed air and a power steering pump
    • Electro-hydraulic supply to the lifting and outrigger system
    • Intelligent control software for the battery management system and the entire drive control

    GUARANTEE 24 included